2018 S2S Sponsors
Price Schedule

Registration 4/1-8/3

Running Team -$1500
High School Team-$420
Ultra Team -$1000
6-Pak Team -$750

The 6-Pak

Having trouble getting a dozen people together? Try the 6-Pak! Form half a team, and get paired with another half team. Half the work, all the fun!

Volunteer Info

Teams are required to provide two volunteers.

Having trouble recruiting volunteers? Use our non-profit hire option. We line up a number of great charitable groups to work throughout the course. Meet your volunteer requirement and support great groups in the community!

An Overview Of The S2S

200.19 Miles Of Adventure & Memories

Spokane to Sandpoint is comprised of 36 total legs. Each team is responsible to provide two support vehicles with enough room for six runners each. Van 1 will complete a set of 6 legs and then handoff to Van 2, which will then complete a set of 6 legs. Each Van completes 3 sets of 6 legs for a total of 18 (or half) of the 36 legs. Spokane to Sandpoint has given each set of 6 legs some interesting and telling names:

Down The Mountain: Legs 1-6 (35.08 Miles)

Racers start at the top of picturesque Mt. Spokane at the Main Lodge. The Race Start is staggered so that the slower teams (min/mile) begin earlier and the faster teams start later. The first couple of legs are sure to be fast as teams make their way off the mountain heading south and then west. After the midway point at Colbert Elementary teams then progress on back roads with tall pine trees and the Little Spokane River keeping them company. The final two legs wind their way toward Sontag Park where Van 2 awaits.

To The Beach: Legs 13-18 (26.77 Miles)

After catching a rest with plenty of space to lay out at Maribeau Park, runners in Van 1 will begin their second set of 6 legs as they make their way to Mceuen Park in Coeur d’Alene. The first ten miles are along the Spokane Centennial Trail and the last seventeen miles are along the North Idaho Centennial Trail system. Reminder, the Centennial Trail is designated for runners, walkers, roller-bladers, and bikers only. No motorized vehicles are allowed so please refer to the Race Handbook for driving directions. There are numerous places where vehicles can drive ahead of their runner and then get out and cheer them as they pass. After crossing into Idaho runners will make their way through Post Falls and then into Coeur d’ Alene, voted one of the Best Places to recreate and live. Coeur d’ Alene is not shy on scenery and there are many places to grab dinner and enjoy a beautiful Friday evening. The final runner of this vanload will finish by running along River Avenue to finish at Coeur d’ Alene’s Mceuen Park, the midpoint of Spokane to Sandpoint Team Relay.

Big Sky Country: Legs 19-24 (35.07 Miles)

After cooling off at one of the most prestigious lakefront areas in Northern Idaho, runners will then make their way to Athol Elementary School. Along this set of legs, the first couple of runners will finish the last few miles of the Centennial Trail system as well as enjoy the newly created Prairie Trail system (which used to be an old railroad track before the recent paved renovation – you’re going to love it!). During these night legs, you’ll see more stars in the night sky and enjoy the cool crisp air!

Dashing In The Dark: Legs 25-30 (48.73 Miles)

Teams on this stretch will escape into back-country roads while running the valley floor in between Long Mountain off to the east and Hoodoo Mountain off to the west. This is the final series of running legs for Van 1 before arriving at Major Exchange 30 in Priest River where van 2 awaits. Take time to enjoy the monster pine trees that surround you as you make your way through the Kaniksu National Forest, a gorgeous place to run. Runners in Van 1 can celebrate as they finish their final 34.7 miles during “Dashing in the Dark.” After passing off to Van 2 take some time to rest and recoup and then make your way to Sandpoint for the Finish Line celebration!

Flight To The Finish: Legs 31-36 (29.26 Miles)

We believe the 29.2 mile “Flight to the Finish” is one of the most scenic and dramatic finishes in all of racing. Teams will progress from Priest River, Idaho westward traveling on back-country roads that trace the majestic Pend Oreille River (one of Idaho’s best watersheds). The final runner who completes leg 36 of Spokane to Sandpoint will carry the team’s hopes (as well as the well worn wristband!) across one of the longest bridges with a fully sanctioned sports section in all the Pacific Northwest. The 2.2 mile Sandpoint Long Bridge across Pend Oreille Lake is sure to take your breath away and provide the added energy you’ll need to reach the finish line in beautiful Sandpoint. All teammates should be ready to join their anchor runner for the final victorious 50 meters to the Finish Line in front of Trinity’s at City Beach Park to join in the festivities and Finish Line Celebration!