2018 S2S Sponsors
Price Schedule

Registration 4/1-8/3

Running Team -$1500
High School Team-$420
Ultra Team -$1000
6-Pak Team -$750

The 6-Pak

Having trouble getting a dozen people together? Try the 6-Pak! Form half a team, and get paired with another half team. Half the work, all the fun!

Volunteer Info

Teams are required to provide two volunteers.

Having trouble recruiting volunteers? Use our non-profit hire option. We line up a number of great charitable groups to work throughout the course. Meet your volunteer requirement and support great groups in the community!


The S2S Crew wants you to have a fun and safe experience particpating in this relay. So we want you to be as prepared as possible for this adventure. To be prepared you will need a few supplies, some equipment you probably already own, some you might need to buy and some stuff to print out. It is not all gear and printing though... there is some fun too... this is where we hide the information on in race contests!

With any event or sport there is always some equipment and gear you will need and want to have. In our years of expereince with relay events we have seen what works, what does not and what is just plain nice to have around. Below we have two lists for you.

On the left is REQUIRED ITEMS. These are items you will be required to present at check in and your team will not be allowed to participate without having. On the right side is a list of items are our suggestions for some gear you might like to have around on the course and in the van.

Required Items

  • Twelve (12) Reflective Vests. One for each team member.
  • Two (2) Headlamps or Flashlights. One for each van.
  • Four (4) Red Flashing Lights. Two for each van.
  • One (1) Orange Safety Flag. For use in crossing roads. This will be provided by NxNW Relays and will be passed on to the next van at each major exchange.
  • Signed Waivers for each participate and runner.
  • Two (2) Copis Of The Race Guide. One for each van.
  • Two (2) Copies of the Race Maps. One for each van.
  • Two (2) Washington State Parks “Discover Pass”. One for each van.
  • All teams will be provided 2 “Runners on Road” signs courtesy of Les Schwab Tire Center. These signs are an essential part of our safety plan to alert cars that runners are on the road, and any team van without a sign will be penalized. Les Schwab Tire Center ensures that you and your family are safe on the road throughout the year and we want to THANK Les Schwab for graciously donating all “Runner on Road” signs to ensure that all S2S participants are safe during the event too!

Suggested Items

  • Car GPS/Navigator Systems - these are extremely helpful for anticipating turns.
  • Cooler with lots of ice , water, electrolyte replacement drinks
  • Food & Reuseable water bottles.
  • Sleeping Bag & Pad + Pillow
  • Baby wipes.
  • Extra Batteries For Headlamps, Red Flasher Lights.
  • Extra Running Clothes
  • Warm Clothes for Night
  • Toilet Paper
  • Trash Bags
  • Clipboard/Pens/Tape
  • First Aid Kit + Medical Info on each runner. Allergies, etc.
  • Frisbee
  • Sunglasses, Hat/Visor
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Swimming Gear (Water access at several locations)
  • Full Gas Tanks
  • Spending money (including cash) for food along course and race merchandise at Start/Finish

2018 Spokane To Sandpoint Race Guide

Here is the Official 2018 Spokane To Sandpoint Relay Race Guide Version 1. This has all the information available so far that you need to participate in this years relay!

Please have at least one copy with each of your vehicles on the course.

Get The Guide

2017 Spokane To Sandpoint Course Maps

2018 Course is not expected to have changes. Maps will be officially published once course is fully approved.

Please have at least one copy with each of your vehicles on the course.

Get The Map

2018 Participant Waiver

Each member of your team must sign the waiver. You can all sign the same one, or collect on multiple documents as needed.

Download the Waiver
Leg 1: Mt Spokane Crazy Wig

This contest simply rocks! Runners will toe the line at the race start located at Bear Creek Lodge and proceed down the mountain with their BEST WIG streaming in the wind. This contest takes place during Leg 1. It’s not quite time for trick or treating, but it is definitely time to see some rockin’ mullets, cruisin’ afros, jamin’ punkrockers, or runnin’ raninbow heads dashing down the mountain. Remember, the man (or woman) makes the wig - you got to sell it baby! Have wild fun during this 5-mile leg!

Leg 6: Brightest Running Outfit

The rules of the contest are simple - put on a BRIGHT RUNNING OUTFIT and run with the sun on your back and the wind in your hair! Dig out your old hot pink tank top or your lime green early 1990’s running shorts. Whatever it is, just make sure it is bright in color. Be creative and have fun during ths leg. All outfits will be judged and best overall outfit wins a prize as well as bragging rights for this year’s “Brightest Outfit” which will be posted on our website with all other contest winners.

Leg 10: Awesome Costume

The AWESOME COSTUME contest takes place during Leg 10. Leg 10 runs through Downtown Spokane, so you will have plenty of spectators! During this leg runners will have a chance to parade their favorite costume. Who knows who will show up on the course? Perhaps we’ll encounter Spiderman, Wonderwoman, or Elvis? Have fun, wave as other race vehicles honk at you as they pass, and please be appropriate with your costume choice since we are running on public roads and parks! Anyone that participates in this fun contest wins Spokane to Sandpoint event staffs respect and admiration. The top 5 costumes will be announced at the finish line and then all participants will have a chance to vote on Facebook for the Overall Costume Contest Winner!

Leg 19: Ultimate Raver

The ULTIMATE RAVER CONTEST was an idea one of our race directors came up with after training and racing through the night. The contest takes place during leg 19 and should be a night run if you have estimated your team’s average pace fairly close to what you actually race. Competitors who compete in this contest literally become a running light show during the 6.50 mile leg. Use lights any way you can to make yourselflook like a “glowing runner” that will light up the night streets. Be as creative as you want, but your light arrangement can’t interfere with the vision of oncoming traffic. No fireworks or pyrotechnics of any type are permitted during this leg for safety reasons.

Best Decorated Team Van Contest

The team that shows the highest degree of race spirit by decorating their vehicle in a most exceptional manner wins the hallowed DECORATED TEAM VAN CONTEST. Thanks for showing some Race Spirit with your vehicle!

Most Team Spirit Award:

Similar to the Best Decorated Team Van Award, the TEAM SPIRIT AWARD is a team contest given to the team that exhibits the best Team Spirit during the race. Things that you can do to improve your team’s chance of winning this category include team outfits (make ‘em fun!), team cheers, and positive sportsmanship during the race. We request that participating teams report acts of sportsmanship from other teams that go above and beyond the call of duty to race officials. Thanks for showing positive Team Spirit! Vote for this team via our Race Day Website.

Best Exchange Point Spirit by Volunteers

Teams vote on the best volunteers of the relay. Winning volunteers may decorate their exchange point with a theme, wear costumes, play music, provide water to fill water bottles, or even grill hotdogs or provide refreshments for runners!

If your team is supplying volunteers, make sure they get registered to you team on the registration system ASAP. Volunteer jobs will be published on by 7/31.