2018 S2S Sponsors
Price Schedule

Registration 4/1-8/3

Running Team -$1500
High School Team-$420
Ultra Team -$1000
6-Pak Team -$750

The 6-Pak

Having trouble getting a dozen people together? Try the 6-Pak! Form half a team, and get paired with another half team. Half the work, all the fun!

Volunteer Info

Teams are required to provide two volunteers.

Having trouble recruiting volunteers? Use our non-profit hire option. We line up a number of great charitable groups to work throughout the course. Meet your volunteer requirement and support great groups in the community!

Start Line

Registration is open right now! We recommend you read through the Steps below before clicking the register button. Note that registration is for a team, not an individual. Team members are added separately after the team is registered.

Team Types

Full Team:

The classic team size, for 7-12 runners. Like a (cultural reference TBD) it’s always a good choice.

Ultra Team:

Looking for twice the challenge? Ultra Teams cover all the course with 4-6 runners.

Youth Team:

All runners age 19 and under. Special restrictions apply, -Contact Race Director- for full info.

Team Divisions

Teams are assigned into divisions based on their roster come race day for Ultra and Full Teams.


Any assortment of human-type pavement pounders.


At least 9 employees of one company.


All runners 40+ years young

Public Service:

Military / Law Enforcement / Firefighters / Paramedic - Active members and relatives.

Open & Corporate Divisions are split Mens/Womens/Mixed. To be Mens or Womens, a team must be 100% one gender.

The Registration Page

The first page of registration consists of key info the Captain must acknowledge. Make sure you initial each field in CAPS that match your name at the bottom. An example of the Captains Acknowledgments can be viewed by clicking the Example button.


Captain Info

The captain registers with all of their personal information, including the team password allowing them access to their team’s roster. You must fill in each field except those under 'Final Details.’ If a captain is organizing but not running, it is choosable under Role Type.

Team Names

We love the creativity, fun, and even innuendo teams come up with in their names. Please keep in mind that your team name will be displayed and announced in public spaces.

Team Name Policy

Payment can be made by Paypal, including credit cards, or by check. If you choose check, you will receive an e-mailed invoice with payment instructions after completing the registration form. Note that your team registration will not be complete until that check is received.

Important Dates
Team Price Increase 04/01/2018
Volunteer Price Increase 05/15/2018
2nd Vol Price Increase 07/15/2018
Registration Closes 08/03/2018

Relays heavily depend on an army of volunteers manning exchanges during the race. As such, each team is required to contribute to the cause. There are two options available to every team.


Teams can supply their own volunteers. Each team must have two volunteers who are 18 years old, or 14 when accompanying an 18 year old. Volunteers need to be flexible and able to commute themselves to their assigned location. The course is 200 miles long and goes all through the night and so volunteers are needed at all locations. We will do our best to let volunteers choose their locations, but inability to find a suitable assignment does not relieve a team of their responsibility. If a team’s volunteers do not show up for their assignment, the team will be disqualified and will face a penalty before being allowed to register again.

Hire a Non-Profit

Rather then line up their own volunteers, especially if it’s a struggle, teams may choose to hire volunteers from our pool of participating non-profits. These organizations are all local to the communities we pass through and 100% of payments for volunteers go to these groups. Teams can switch from self-supply to non-profit after registration, but may not change back.

Hire a Non-Profit Pricing
  Full Teams Ultra Teams & 6-Paks
At time of registration (thru 7/15) or before May 15th $250 $125
Change to non-profit volunteers after May 15th $500 $250
Registration or Change after July 15th $700 $350
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